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"Shikunov's music is lyrical and haunting. Like a fine cabernet, it holds dark notes of currants and black cherry, smoke and blackberries - sweet and intoxicating. Plaintive melodies weave and repeat again against rhythmic demands. Yet, when the mystical tones from one composition fade, surprises await in the next, as though the sun has broken through clouds to reveal bright phantasms leaping in a grassy meadow.

This is music to dream on. " Kent Davy, North County Times

"Silence is an instrument... A hushed sigh. A disconnect used to connect. Oleg spills out music that creates spaces that sometimes can be a scary place to go. Anticipation. Vibration. A wisp of nostalgia. An offbeat night of dancing in San Paulo or Ibiza. It is as if he missed a decade in music to write his own version of time. Beautiful little numbers that played at different  volumes  and  moods,  can  create  a  whole  new  world 

for  you." Tom Braun, music critic

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